This is how I understand 

I was walking down the street 

Minding my own business

When I noticed the car

Passing by was moving 

Way too slowly

Men in the front seat

Ogled my body 

Honking their horn

And making me wonder


I was wearing jeans 

And a t shirt

I wasn’t even showing off anything 

This is how I 

Start shaming myself

For no good reason 

This is how I

Become more wary 

Towards the intentions of men 

This is how I 

Realize the world 

Is very broken 


A naive young woman 

Is what I thought I was not 

It’s all false 

I am young 

I am innocent 

I still have much to learn 

From the world 

Cruelty at its finest 

Is believing in equality

Based off of feminism 

But forgetting 

That only my white girlfriends 

Get the benefit 

From the uproar 

I am amidst 

Black and brown 

Women of color 

As we are quelled by 

The force of a pristine 

White pump 

We cry for justice 

And representation 

Yet all we get is hair flips 

And dry mascara 

Pulled on purposely 

Our sisters 

Our white swans 

Have our blood on their beaks 

There is no reprieve 

Of suffering 

For the ducklings 

That don’t share 

The fair skin 

Of their family