Blessings and Lessons

To be faraway 

From the land that 

my mother and my father know 

As if it were the back of their hand 

Is a bittersweet reminder 

Of all the sacrifices 

We have made.

To be faraway 

From the cousins and aunts and uncles 

That have created their homes 

Is a bitter reminder 

The struggles faced will never be the same.

To be faraway 

From a country where patriarchal views 


And education while Present 

Is lacking of quality

It is a sweet reminder 

Of what I have gained.
To be faraway 

From the land where 

Our religion is prominent 

And the language is spoken 

As if the wind and the air carried it 

Is a bittersweet reminder 

Of all that could be lost.

A sea so vast and treacherous 

We sail away from our country 

To be faraway from the land 

Known as a terrorist hub.

Misguided and misinformed 

Aplenty by media,

A bitter reminder 

To be cautious and careful

Of where we come from.

I must not show pride.

I must not show care.

For I don’t belong there 

Any longer.

To be faraway 

From the place where

Traditions and customs are so ingrained 

That breaking the mold is not an option.

It’s a bittersweet reminder 

That all freedom comes with sacrifice.

And I sit still 

In the land of the free

The home of the brave 

I wonder if 

We even deserve these names?

For I too, have family

I have loved ones 

In a land faraway.

I hope to God 

They are safe And sound

As we throw threats and assumptions 

Destroying the home 

And destroying the lives of plenty

For who am I 

Without the knowledge

That I come from 



This is how I understand 

I was walking down the street 

Minding my own business

When I noticed the car

Passing by was moving 

Way too slowly

Men in the front seat

Ogled my body 

Honking their horn

And making me wonder


I was wearing jeans 

And a t shirt

I wasn’t even showing off anything 

This is how I 

Start shaming myself

For no good reason 

This is how I

Become more wary 

Towards the intentions of men 

This is how I 

Realize the world 

Is very broken 

Naked Yet Clothed

And while my adorned shalwar kameez 

Drapes around my body 

It’s not an invitation to admire me 

While my long Niqab  

Covers me completely 

It’s not an invitation to judge me 

While my hijab covers my hair 

From plain sight 

It’s not an invitation to assume about me 

While I wear shirts and jeans 

It’s not an invitation to catcall me 

While I wear dresses and heels

It’s not an invitation to grope me 

While I wear a saree

It’s not an invitation to ogle me

My body is not: 

A viewing pleasure

A touching pleasure

Your pleasure

An object 

Reality of Asian Representation 

Someone mentioned 

That they thought 


For Asians 

Is so hard 

Because as a community 

We will never have enough 

People to represent our 

Social Justice Causes 

It’s so sad because 

That’s true.

It’s all due to 

Model Minority 

Creating so few of the scholars

And activists 

We need to inspire change 

On Bullying

I abhor violence 

I will never 

Intentionally harm 

Another human being 

Because words hurt 

And actions whilst 


Can destroy others 

Inside and out 

I will always 

Apologize when 

I unintentionally 

Cause harm to another 

For I wish to 

Not be judged nor assumed about

In return 

If I don’t speak an



You should seriously 


The actions 

And the words

You have spoken 

We all 

Have a part 

To heal each other 

And ourselves 


It’s amazing that 

You could share 

So many things 

With a person 

And they still find

Ways to hate you 

It’s amazing 

You could understand 

So many things 

About a person 

And they still find 

Ways to accuse you of misunderstanding 

It’s amazing 

you could know someone very well 

They still find 

Ways to assume bad about you 

It’s amazing 

You could

Be tolerant to many things 

People still find ways to judge 

It’s amazing 

You could not do any harm 

People still find ways 

To insist you’re evil 

It’s amazing 

The lengths 

We go 

To invalidate

Each other

Stepping on our souls 

Instead of proppelling 

Each other forwards 


Social hierarchy 

Is such a funny thing 

Because I always see

People gravitate 

Towards the ones with 

The most money,

The best clothing style,

The most popularity.

If you always 

Listen to the kids 

Who have all the attention 

Then complain 

About receiving none

When you are 


Made an outsider 

How can we create true change? 

Stop following the crowds

Make your own damn



I dislike 









Don’t copy off of me

Figure who you are 

Who you’re meant to be 

We don’t need carbon copies 

We need voices 

Of people who are sure 

Of who they are 

Not what they could be 

Life and Death 

I have been close enough 

To death 

To feel it infiltrate my thoughts 

On more than one occasion

I have felt the fear of losing 

And letting go 

And sinking into eternal slumber 

Yet Death is so charismatic 

And whilst terrifying 

Presents a lusty thought 

Of escape 

And the part of me

Anchored to reality 

Anchored to my life 

And my family 

Drops me to my knees 

Not in surrender 

But pleading for mercy 

I believe that only One 

Who has borne you and created you 

From mud and clay 

Can return you to a grave 

When it is your time 

And it is one of the many reasons 

I am still here 



I made my rounds 

At the oncology floor 

Of our local hospital 

Operating on my free time 

And my heart open 

To those that would 

Welcome me into their rooms 

And a glance into a strangers life 

I saw many things 

But one stood out 

From all the faces

The face of hope 

It was written on their beds 

It was written on their family 

It was written on them 

Hope was always there