Life and Death 

I have been close enough 

To death 

To feel it infiltrate my thoughts 

On more than one occasion

I have felt the fear of losing 

And letting go 

And sinking into eternal slumber 

Yet Death is so charismatic 

And whilst terrifying 

Presents a lusty thought 

Of escape 

And the part of me

Anchored to reality 

Anchored to my life 

And my family 

Drops me to my knees 

Not in surrender 

But pleading for mercy 

I believe that only One 

Who has borne you and created you 

From mud and clay 

Can return you to a grave 

When it is your time 

And it is one of the many reasons 

I am still here 



A Soulful Song 

An African American woman lays 

In the sterile white bed

She has a glass of flowers in full bloom

Her hands are neatly manicured 

I come in quietly 

Introducing myself 

And the function of my presence: 

Just to sit and listen or to

Chit chat a bit I always say sweetly 

The woman tells me of her younger days 

Singing for her local church 

Her love for the songs

And her love for her religion shines 

On her weary face 

I’ve been battling lymphoma 

She says quietly 

Her voice is raspy with age and her battle 

I tell her that 

She is probably still 

A beautiful singer

Before I know it 

A beautiful melody 

Filters through the quiet air 

She powerfully sings 

The song of her youth 

Her voice cracks and dips

But it is the most pure song 

The most real thing 

I have ever listened to 

I smile quietly 

Thank you I say 

You are beautiful 

After a couple moments of 

Comfortable silence 

She tells me 

Out of the blue 

You’re really pretty 

I smile and shake my head 

I remember clearly 

Not even brushing my hair 

That morning 

Thank you

Is all I can say 

And as I bid her adieu 

After more sweet moments 

I rest my hands in hers 

I wish you peace and comfort 

I think to myself

As I look into her eyes 

Willing her to believe 

But I already know 

She’s in good hands already 


And I stand in the direction of Mecca 

Praying towards the Qibla 

I stand straight and tall 

My confidence unwavering 

And I bow

My hands to my knees 

Wishing for reprieve 

From the most Merciful 

I move into sajdah 

To show my love 

My devotion to God 

I am vulnerable 

My hands beside my head 

My face down on a sigdigah 

Made of the same mud clay as I 

And as I raise up I begin 

To realize I came from the soil 

Of the Earth Created by One 

Again I move into sajdah 

I will return to whence I came from 

And as I raise my head 

I acknowledge 

I will rise on the Day of Judgment 

From my resting place 


The Return

When darkness falls

And shadows 

Come out of hiding 

Will you be There 

Being the light?

The beacon 

Of the lighthouse guiding 

Me back to safety.

Can I rely upon you 

To stay by my side?

And when the embers 

Of my faith in you 

Are low,

Will you help me 

Rekindle the love I have for 

You in my heart?

When there is 

Sadness and grief 

Can I lean upon you 

For comfort?

Will you be the 

Knight in shining armour,

The light of my heart?

Will you chase out the shadows,

And wrap me in your arms?

As long you are near,

Even though you leave

No physical trace

Shall I always 

Have faith?

That your

Memory burns brighter 

Than any star in the night 

And should I lose my way 

Or stumble around 

Will you guide me right

Through the trials and tribulations 

Of life?

Will you guide me 

Until my soul parts away? 

I don’t need a savior.

I have heard the messiahs call.

I have prayed that HE shall 

Return again 

To place balance in this

Wretched world

For I know there is no love


And your book tells me the truth

I believe in you 

I believe in you 

Your story is told 

Across time and space 

To the people

Of this earth 

There is no doubt 

One day

Soon I shall hope

The signs we have all been waiting for

Will reveal themselves

And the messiah will

Touch down again 

Placing HIS warmth on the Earth

And we will be tested 

Of our devotion 


Our challenge

is to remember

that we were all crafted from the same clay

placed upon the earth

with love and affection

angels sent to guide our thoughts

and messengers sent with the

scripture that guided our belief

scientific revolution

changed the perceptions

humans become the center of the universe

yet we still see

magnificent hills and valleys

sun and moon rise and falll

a divine creation

for all of mankind

wars happen and people are ravaged

fear becomes instilled in the hearts and minds of plenty

yet it is directed to our brothers and sisters

who have the same existence and lifespan

and are made of the same materials

a masterpiece of nature and nurture

and yet

when the horn bows and

the hills will roll

and the tempest reigns

when the last day arrives

and a messiah that we paitently await

From an ancestry of twelve

Will sound the call to prayer

and all others will pray behind this person

humans will face the final test

either flying towards the sky

towards the seven layers of heaven

or facing hellfire

being created and burned

this is our challenge

how to create love

in a world we have ruined with hate

when we divide our people

and incite fear in one another

aren’t we all Human?