I just want to let loose

Let my body move to a beat 

That it’s never learned before 

When the music turns on

And there’s no one around 

I want to throw my hands up in the air 

And dance because I’m free

When the music turns on

And my mind plays its tunes 

When I feel free

I just want to dance to

The song in my heart 

The liberation I feel so deeply

I want to share it with the world

It’s so rare to feel so 


It’s so rare to just feel 

I want to share the melody

That moved through my body 

Alighting my nerves 

I just want to dance 

And express the freedom in my soul 

I am free 

Of the doubts 

Of the judgement 

Of others 

And my previously 

Ungraceful body 

Creates an expression

That I can’t help but to control

But secretly

I just want to throw my hands up

And let my head lead my feet

Wherever they go

Because I’m finally happy

My soul is singing a song

That only I can hear



I am finally free