Chance Encounters

I ambled toward

the back of the room

as I always had

never missing a beat

I imagined that

your gaze had never landed

on me.

Why would this

chance encounter

be one that could

spin me on my axis

make me feel as

light as a butterfly

make me feel as

though I could fly

towards the moon?

Maybe the boy

who looked curiously on

knew my dilemmas

But alas,

I guess the clock’s

timing is misguided

because in comes

a regal Queen

who intertwines

her hand

with his.

How could I

be so foolish as

to forget?

I was the ugly duckling.



Walking on the far side of a sidewalk 

Head phones on 

Got no man to protect me 

From the cars passing by 

I ain’t looking over my shoulder 

It causes too much trouble

My hips sway

And my musics playing 

I have no worries 

And I can take myself places 

By foot, bike or bus 

Don’t need permission to go anywhere 

And I don’t know how to use power drills 

Just stuck taping things to walls 

All by myself 

And my phone keeps me company 

Don’t Need a body to keep me warm 

Don’t need some protector 

Stepping on my toes 

My hands are full 

Of the groceries to feed one 

And I’m single 

And I’m not bothered 

Who said you need company

To feel fulfilled 

Who said you need another body

To feel pleasure 

I can do it all on my own 

Don’t need some other strange brain 

Dictating the moves 

I have all the right keys

In the palm of my own hand 

Who says I’m scared 

Of being lonely? 

I can walk in the dark 

Without cowering 

I think I’ll be fine

I got better things to worry about