Bad Romance 

Tradition creates

Bad Romance 


In the form of


And rebellion 

Our younger days

Were fraught 

Looking for temporary fixes 

To our quick loneliness 


If only 

If only 

If only 

If only 

My mind is off tune 

If only 

It was all true 

If only

If only

There is stipulations 


With every breath you take 

If only

If only

I can’t hear this any longer 

If only 

If only

You reduce me to nothing 

If only 

If only

Then you step on the cracks 

That I try to grow from 

If only 

You respected me 

As much I had you 

If only 

If only 

Trust in Me 

Why must you pretend to hold my hand 

And pull me close 

You have a knife 

A cold blade 

Between your fingertips 

As you slowly 

Poison me 

With your lies of comfort 

Soon, I shall be 

Dead at your feet 

While you move on 

Towards another 

Sailing, Sailing 

I wish I was on 

A rocking boat 

On the majestic blue sea 

Feeling the spray of the sea foam 

Like Poisedon’s touch 

Greeting me 

I shall feel every rock and dip 

Like the body of my partner past 

I shall greet it warmly 

With a lovers caress 

My feet will dance above the gallows 

I’ll have my hands wide open 

Embracing the oceans that meet me 

I’ll spin in circles 

Hoping for typhoons 

Hoping for hurricanes 

To come wreck me 

I’ll dance a love song 

With the waves 

As they rush past 

I’ll steer to any destination 


My heart will never anchor 

I shall sail

Sail across the sea 

I’m just doing it for me.

At First Light

At First light 

I will forsake the 

Dawn that do make its way 

With its gleaming hues 

At first light 

I will mount my steed

And blow dust as I canter away 

At first light 

I shall bid you adieu 

As I search for the truth 

At first light 

You shall find my kerchief 

And reminisce not on me 

At first light

As the embrace of the night past

Grows old and weary

I shall gather my skirts 

Gather my wits 

I will stray away from the warm 

Humble abode that we created together 

At first light

I shall leave not a faint kiss

Upon your wretched lips

Yes, at first light 

The hearth will be dim 

The cold will make its way 

Into your empty bed 

Yes, at first light 

You shall awake 

And find me gone 

You shall lament and woe

At first light 

I shall be far

I will not heed anything 

But the trail at my feet 

The reins on my steed

Yes, at first light 

I’ll set myself free 

Running Circles

I’m not even sure what we’re talking about anymore we’re just walking the same lines over and over again 

Trying hard not to step on the cracks

Of our already fragile 


I wish you would listen 

And I think you wish the same 

Too bad we can’t read each other’s minds

And just end it right here

Instead of running around in circles 

Trying to catch and grab a hold 

Of a life that’s slowly slipping away 

And so we just keep walking

No, treading on a tightrope

We can’t see the end 

Too focused on our toes 

Concerned about steeping on each other 

It’s clear to me right now

We’re too different for each other 

We aren’t the right partners for this dance 

We don’t even know the right steps 

We can’t even begin to formulate our own thoughts 

Too concerned about breaking each other’s hearts 

Sorry my dear 

I think we’ll have to end it right here 

Let’s move away from each other 

And let someone else take our place 

And hope that our egos 

Won’t trip and break 

Our fragile bonds