Late Night Self-Reflection 

My thoughts are at it again 

Like a broken record 

They remind me of encounters past 

I look at myself in a mirror 

Going through the motions

Of all the encounters 

The mistakes I made 

The regrets I had 

Won’t wash away so easily

They engrave into the back of my brain 

Coming to haunt me like ghosts 

in the dead of the night 

I feel like I have 

Too many sins to wash away 

But they aren’t even evil doings 

It’s just my mind 

Playing tricks on me 

Deceiving me 

Doubting my actions 

The words I spoke 

And the decisions I made 

Why can’t I let it all go? 

Why does my past still continue to consume me 

And confine me?

And why do I even bother

Looking back 

so deeply 

Into that cracked mirror 

And not see the person 

That stares back in the reflection?