It’s amazing that 

You could share 

So many things 

With a person 

And they still find

Ways to hate you 

It’s amazing 

You could understand 

So many things 

About a person 

And they still find 

Ways to accuse you of misunderstanding 

It’s amazing 

you could know someone very well 

They still find 

Ways to assume bad about you 

It’s amazing 

You could

Be tolerant to many things 

People still find ways to judge 

It’s amazing 

You could not do any harm 

People still find ways 

To insist you’re evil 

It’s amazing 

The lengths 

We go 

To invalidate

Each other

Stepping on our souls 

Instead of proppelling 

Each other forwards 



Today, without meaning to 

Someone reminded me 

That the color of my skin 

Made me a foreigner 

Made me an outsider 

It’s a bittersweet reminder 

That I don’t belong 

Even in a place that is now home 


  • I hate sitting in class because I don’t feel like I’m actively learning anything 
  • I hate Valentine’s Day because it makes my self esteem lower and makes me doubt my beauty and self worth
  • I hate feeling lost in my life because I want to be successful and have a bright future
  • I hate feeling unsuccessful because of my hexes because they don’t define how hard I’ve worked 
  • I hate feeling trapped because of the numbers because when I put my mind to it I could create a beautiful future
  • I hate the feeling of loneliness and lack of understanding by my peers
  • Often times I think being beautiful or more attractive or more funny or more cordial could get me more friends 
  • I hate my ability to make myself feel weird 
  • I hate my ability to undermine myself
  • I hate that I want to look pretty and look attractive and have to be reminded to work out so I can become so 
  • I hate others telling me what to do with my body so that I can become more attractive. I hate that they have to tell me these things 
  • I hate feeling low because of insecurities I shouldn’t even bother to worry about or think about 
  • I hate that my future is dependent on the fact that I should have to marry a man, have children, and still have a stable job 
  • I hate the fact that often times I love my religion but hate it’s tenets 
  • I hate the word hate because just as I describe all these things, I realize I just dislike them all.

And no words can describe the way that true hatred works.
Except images of 
Black and brown bodies lying on the floor
Cops beating innocent colored men and women 
Fear of expressing your sexuality and loving another 
Immigrants working hard just to have fingers pointed at them like the barrel of a gun, ready.
An Asian works to the bone and yet people don’t believe they have depression because you can’t see it 
A disabled individual falls and people walk over their body
Gas is thrown at Native American protestors of a sacred land 


And I know 

If you could hear my voice 

You would know 

The extent of pain

I go through 

Because my skin 

Is not like yours 

Yours is white 

And blends in with the crowd 

Yours is a canvas much like my own



You do not look back

As I lay crumbled to the floor

Injustice upon me

Oppression choking me 

And you walk away 

To use your voice 

To causes that matter to you

I didn’t know 

My humanity was not one 

Unfortunately for me

You will always be 

A white with the privilege 

Of walking through doors

While others are locked 

Behind the bars of 

Your so called 


Your integrity shall not be questioned 

As long as there is 

Another body 

Which is unlike your own

Beautiful brown and black bodies 

Are being torn 

To pieces 

By the society

Of white blinded 


Too concerned about their 

Own perceptions of justice 

To realize 

How fragile we all are 

Social Justice

Fight oppression with 

Both sides of the story 

Remove miscommunications 

There is no emotional manipulation

Just nasty actions 

There is vulnerability 

There is going with the group

There is just sheep

With the wool covered moving blindly

Those who say they are fighting hard But not actually revealing

Those who want to fight the hard fight and are true to their beliefs 

Those who wish to fight but have no resources

Those who are fighting but actually just sitting 

Those who are fighting but only actually following 

There are problems 


forgetting your own voice

There is standing up for yourself But standing isolated from the crowd 

There is belonging 

There is separation 

There is doubt and mistrust 

And much blame 

There is emotions projected onto others

And there is maturity Which must be gained 

There is value 

In yourself

Ascribed value for yourself

Not letting yourself accommodate to any image

Silencing others when they seek to interrupt

Asking others about intentions 

Asking others their real thoughts their real emotions

There is a collective

But to work

You must realize that there are separate thoughts and actions and feelings 

There is draining 

There is tiredness 

There is the belief that you are all alone in this madness

There is only yourself

And the meaning you give 

To your actions, thoughts and words

You are not less

You are what you’ve already said and done 

You own up to those mistakes

The pain you inadvertently caused 

And realize you still have to grow 

Despite all this 



Self care 

Trust in the right people

Forgive as necessary

Stand above the water

Remain neutral as needed

Fighting is nonviolence 

Fighting is standing up for yourself 

Reality Check 

And I realized that 

The wool 

Was actually placed by me 

Because I forgot to use my voice

Forgot my worth

Forgot my respect

I could’ve avoided it all

But I didn’t want isolation 

I wanted to belong

I forgot that I was conforming to

Others ideals

And forgetting where I came from 

Oppression Olympics: Pitting minorities against each other to state one has worse conditions of oppression over another.

We cannot victimize Black individuals over all minorities.

We cannot say that Asians or Latinos or Native Americans or LGBTQ have it BETTER than Blacks.

Because minorities are all oppressed in DIFFERENT ways.

A cop killing a black man is ONE type of oppression.

A Muslim being called a terrorist is ONE type of oppression

A Trans individual attacked in a bathroom is ONE type of oppression

A Latino individual facing deportation is ONE type of oppression.

If we compare all minorities to each other we SILENCE the numerous injustices happening to HUMANS all around the world.


Where do I Belong?

Where do I Belong?

The feeling of fear

even in supposedly safe spaces


Will I ever be authentic anywhere?

Feeling like a Fake

Forcing my politeness

Just surviving on a whim

Where do I Belong?

My gut clenches with anxiety

like a Vice

seeking to destroy comfort

panic blooms in my chest

unease comes over like a tidal wave

Can I ever escape this fright?

Where do I Belong?

What is my true identity?

Where is my home?

When spaces are ravaged

By oppression and injustice

friends become self-serving and ego driven

How can I fit in?

Do I have to craft a mold to survive?

When will I stop being the outsider?

When will I stop seeking for my home?

I feel awkward and unsure

In my own Body

the rights and justices of others

are forgotten temporarily

let me seek my relief

let me escape and find

freedom in my own island

loneliness as a balm

to soothe the ache

left by jagged corners

in ill-fitting spaces

Person of Color
Sometimes I am
So Sick of
the Skin I was Born in
The Oppression
it has Wrought
Upon Me
it takes from me
it forgets
its shed
Due to the Negligence of Others
I Forget
to even be
a person
of color
is a feat
of its own