Peaceful nights are 
Awaiting ahead
My momma tells Me 
the whistle man
Is nowhere close by
To take my slumber 
I fall asleep to humid fans
The smell of dust 
And of clothing coming out 
Of suitcases after long days
Not sure when
Wretched heat will take over
I sleep close to a withering body
And a youngster 
Trying to find that thread 
Between reality and peace 
Slowly sinking 
The smell of cooked Bryani 
Hovering over my brown skin 
My belly full
Humid air circulating 
Across the wide bed 
With Limbs splayed 
Here is the hearth 
Where I was born 
Here is the language of 
My ancestors 
Here is the land 
We have drawn blood and arms for
To cleave ourselves from 
The motherland 
To claim a home 
For the downtrodden 
A crescent moon shines in the sky 
The stars hidden still 
By smog and pollution
I know they shine upon 
This green land 
This prideful country 
Still I stay 
In the midst of sleep and wake 
It’s a land far from imagination 
If I just open an old suitcase
I’m once again 
In the place I could’ve been 
Yet I’m farther away now 
Than I’ve ever been 
A blessing 
And a lesson 



My body is not a transient being 

It does not solely exist 

When you place your hands upon me 

For then it is only because you choose 

To let me exist 

For your pleasure 

For your touch 

Instead of the fact 

That I 


On Bullying

I abhor violence 

I will never 

Intentionally harm 

Another human being 

Because words hurt 

And actions whilst 


Can destroy others 

Inside and out 

I will always 

Apologize when 

I unintentionally 

Cause harm to another 

For I wish to 

Not be judged nor assumed about

In return 

If I don’t speak an



You should seriously 


The actions 

And the words

You have spoken 

We all 

Have a part 

To heal each other 

And ourselves 


I just want to let loose

Let my body move to a beat 

That it’s never learned before 

When the music turns on

And there’s no one around 

I want to throw my hands up in the air 

And dance because I’m free

When the music turns on

And my mind plays its tunes 

When I feel free

I just want to dance to

The song in my heart 

The liberation I feel so deeply

I want to share it with the world

It’s so rare to feel so 


It’s so rare to just feel 

I want to share the melody

That moved through my body 

Alighting my nerves 

I just want to dance 

And express the freedom in my soul 

I am free 

Of the doubts 

Of the judgement 

Of others 

And my previously 

Ungraceful body 

Creates an expression

That I can’t help but to control

But secretly

I just want to throw my hands up

And let my head lead my feet

Wherever they go

Because I’m finally happy

My soul is singing a song

That only I can hear



I am finally free


I’ve always been told 

To watch what I eat 

To go out and excercise

To improve upon my body 

To wear appropriate clothes 

Modest and unrevealing 

Leaving others to wonder 

But what frustrates me the most 

Is when someone compares me to the 

Entire female gender 

I didn’t know my physical exterior 

Was a part of a competition 

That couldn’t be won

What frustrates me the most 

Is when i am told that my efforts 

Are in vain

I am told:

I have to save my virtue 

For a Man  

I have to save the best aspects of 

My body, my aspirations, and my dignity 

To be put in a union

That is not equal

My culture teaches me that 

Women should be in servitude 

No matter their education 

No matter their accolades

And every choice that a 

Woman makes for herself 

Is just considered an opinion

I have been taught not to sexualize myself

Through my body or my mannerisms 

To be chaste and pure 

But that earns me much disgrace from 

The people of my own gender 

They call me a prude 

And they wonder why I don’t 

Move past this supposed 

Gilded cage that I’m inside.

I tell you I was not forced into

Any cage

And everything I have made

Whether it be my fashion choices

My weight or my body shape

Is up to my choice 

It is not up to your opinion 

It is not for a man’s pleasure 

It is not to belittle other women 

Or to make them feel inferior

No, I am my own person 

With my own hopes and dreams 

I can be my own boss

I can make my own decisions

And I can love myself 

And I can love others 

Let’s please stop then.

My fellow women please stop shaming me

My humanity is at stake and so is yours

Men please stand beside me 

I ask for nothing more