Without the timbre

And cadence of my native language 

I feel lost

In a sea of people who 

wish to conform to superficial ideals

I wish to speak in a tongue 

That brings me closer 

To the ones that I love

To the land I was born in 

I wish to express the joy 

In sharing stories and 

Sharing woes

For language unites us all

I feel expressively distant 

From the culture and the roots 

That helped me grow 

I feel tethered to the land I’m in 

Only because I speak the same tongue

I wish I could express 

My diversity 

My compassion for my identity 

In a cadence 

In a timbre

That is all my own 

Hidden in the recesses of my parents pasts

And their struggles moving to a new land 

This compassion 

This identity I seek is 

Derived from my mother tongue 

Left behind on this new land 

Which is not truly my home 

For I have lost 

Understanding of my family 

My cousins and my grandmother 

Live at a distance 

And we only have faces 

To remind us of our ancestry 

I wish I could speak 

My native language 

I wish I had the accent 

Of a girl who has just arrived 

From the place she would have stayed 

When born 

But left because opportunity 

Seemed more inviting 

I never knew 

How much sacrifice 

And compromise this change 

Would make 

To my identity 



There are flowers growing in your mouth

When you meet someone new 

Sweet honey and milk drops from your lips

Too bad they don’t see 

The rotten carcasses 

Of the flowers that have wilted 

And the milk that has spoiled 

That the new beds spring upon