And I know 

If you could hear my voice 

You would know 

The extent of pain

I go through 

Because my skin 

Is not like yours 

Yours is white 

And blends in with the crowd 

Yours is a canvas much like my own



You do not look back

As I lay crumbled to the floor

Injustice upon me

Oppression choking me 

And you walk away 

To use your voice 

To causes that matter to you

I didn’t know 

My humanity was not one 

Unfortunately for me

You will always be 

A white with the privilege 

Of walking through doors

While others are locked 

Behind the bars of 

Your so called 


Your integrity shall not be questioned 

As long as there is 

Another body 

Which is unlike your own

Beautiful brown and black bodies 

Are being torn 

To pieces 

By the society

Of white blinded 


Too concerned about their 

Own perceptions of justice 

To realize 

How fragile we all are 



All this time I thought I was

The one lacking

When in reality

It was your voice 



That I believed 

Because I trusted you 

Admired you

Respected you

I forgot myself


I was glorifying 

What you were telling me 

And it was all wrong 

I can’t be ignoring my own heart

To listen to you

Sing your praises 

When all you are 

Is a wolf in disguise 

I finally shed

The wool you put

Over my eyes