Running Circles

I’m not even sure what we’re talking about anymore we’re just walking the same lines over and over again 

Trying hard not to step on the cracks

Of our already fragile 


I wish you would listen 

And I think you wish the same 

Too bad we can’t read each other’s minds

And just end it right here

Instead of running around in circles 

Trying to catch and grab a hold 

Of a life that’s slowly slipping away 

And so we just keep walking

No, treading on a tightrope

We can’t see the end 

Too focused on our toes 

Concerned about steeping on each other 

It’s clear to me right now

We’re too different for each other 

We aren’t the right partners for this dance 

We don’t even know the right steps 

We can’t even begin to formulate our own thoughts 

Too concerned about breaking each other’s hearts 

Sorry my dear 

I think we’ll have to end it right here 

Let’s move away from each other 

And let someone else take our place 

And hope that our egos 

Won’t trip and break 

Our fragile bonds