Sooner or later

I’ll sing a haunting melody 

Of the pasts I’ve seen

Soon I shall 

Write upon the tomb 

Here I shall lay 

In decay 

Withering away

After such fruitless endeavors 

I have only 

Metal objects and paper 

To keep me company 

In my cold and shallow home 

In the dark damp soil 

Soon I shall return 

Where I have come from 

I will bury myself in dirt

While others mourn and pity 

My life form 

Hidden beneath the stale Earth

They trample upon 

My resting grave 

And my soul is torn asunder 

I shall look upon them 

From the 7 layers of the Universe 

And pity their mindless slumber

For I did not awaken 

Until I was placed 

Where they thought it was broken 

Where they thought it was dirty

Not knowing all along 

The place they walked and breathed 

Was the purgatory 

Soon I shall watch 

With quiet contemplation 

The folly of mankind 

As we tear each other 


Only to return 

To our eternal bed 

Deep in the earth 

Reprieve from our 

Illogical Ways 


Last Act

There’s only so much

Time left to spend 

There’s so much 

To do and say

I can’t believe 

The clock’s ticked 

Down to my last moments 

I feel a calm spreading 

Like before a storm

Like a dancer before 

Going onto the big show

I just don’t know where to go 

The seconds come faster it seems 

As the days pass by 

Like quicksand 

I’ll have the same end 

Leading to another new beginning 

I’m just feeling like

This may be my last act 

Life and Death 

I have been close enough 

To death 

To feel it infiltrate my thoughts 

On more than one occasion

I have felt the fear of losing 

And letting go 

And sinking into eternal slumber 

Yet Death is so charismatic 

And whilst terrifying 

Presents a lusty thought 

Of escape 

And the part of me

Anchored to reality 

Anchored to my life 

And my family 

Drops me to my knees 

Not in surrender 

But pleading for mercy 

I believe that only One 

Who has borne you and created you 

From mud and clay 

Can return you to a grave 

When it is your time 

And it is one of the many reasons 

I am still here 


Wasting time faster than wasting money 

We strive to look into others lives

Hoping by some miracle that we could 

Find what we’re looking for 

And our phones are glued to our hands 

And we spend too much time worrying about our instagram 

We see the world through others eyes 

And hope to god that we can still get by

Just waiting for the newest iPhone

And who cares how we spend our money

We could get drunk and smoke till we’re thirty and someone will just write us a nice 

Small eulogy. 

Who cares that we’re gone someone will just 

Pick up where we left our ashes off

And who cares what we waste our time on 

Someone will still post on our Facebook page “oh how I miss those days”

And only the number of likes 

Could ever represent the people that still 

Stuck around looking at your empty page 


Soon I will see the results

Of my work

right in front of me 

I will meet my end 

And I hope that the list 

Of good is longer than the bad 

I hope that the angels

Will sing their praises of me 

I hope that I will remember 

Who have been close to me 

All this time

Blood is thicker than water

Because some rocks 

Are thrown in creating ripples 

And tempests rain outside 

 water can be upset

And tampered with 

But blood stays as it was 

Still and Unmoving 

Giving me life