I made my rounds 

At the oncology floor 

Of our local hospital 

Operating on my free time 

And my heart open 

To those that would 

Welcome me into their rooms 

And a glance into a strangers life 

I saw many things 

But one stood out 

From all the faces

The face of hope 

It was written on their beds 

It was written on their family 

It was written on them 

Hope was always there 


Being Present 

I am here.

I have compassion for myself.

I let myself learn.

I let myself spend my time.

I let myself live.

Let me do this again.

Let me give up the control 

I seek and that I perceive

And let me free.

I wish to live 

Not on wasted time or money 

But live based off 

The generosity I gave 


To be genuine 

To others 

And unshackle myself

From pain and misery 

That I burden

My heart with 

For no good 

Are all these worries