On Bullying

I abhor violence 

I will never 

Intentionally harm 

Another human being 

Because words hurt 

And actions whilst 


Can destroy others 

Inside and out 

I will always 

Apologize when 

I unintentionally 

Cause harm to another 

For I wish to 

Not be judged nor assumed about

In return 

If I don’t speak an



You should seriously 


The actions 

And the words

You have spoken 

We all 

Have a part 

To heal each other 

And ourselves 


Seeking: spaces where kindhearted people are accepted; new leadership and learning opportunities and a place where diversity is welcomed and appreciated and where there is hope for inclusivity. A place where knowledge is valuable and where knowing yourself is priceless. A place where change can happen. 


Is there a good reason?

I’m not asleep at 1 am 

I just came awake

Feeling trapped

In my own headspace 

This doesn’t happen often

It’s like I’m stressed…

My body has too many callings 

There is too much to do 

I have awoken 

Partly because 

I feel woke

I have awoken

I’ve felt downtrodden 

And miserable in my own existence 

I haven’t written anything productive 

Yet here I am.

Woke and ready.

Ready to contribute.

Ready to let change happen.

I know I must sleep 

But sleep comes last 

When the dreams 

We’ve fought for 

Will come to pass