Stars In My Eyes

Glowing in the night

I’m so in love with you

My face, it brightens up

Just like the sun 

After a rainy day 

You are the

Light reflecting 

Across a crystal blue lake

The light of my eyes 

And I’ve, I’ve got

Stars in my eyes

Constellations that create your name

My lips they curve up

Like Cupid’s bow

As you get nearer

And my eyes

My eyes show their depth of emotion 

A waterfall of pure devotion

My hands they

Wish to hold you close 

Never let you out of my sight 

My eyes 

I have stars in my eyes

You’re like the North Star 

And I’m your faithful compass

The galaxy swirls 

A beautiful nebula 

Of hot emotion 

The center of my universe 

My eyes 

My eyes 

Have stars for you 

I’ll have the 

Signs that point me towards you