I felt so empty 

Yesterday night 

I was in the midst of sleep and wake 

Yet I could feel my heart 

It beat slowly

My soul is a blank page 

Deception and manipulation 

Tearing me up inside 

Past experiences make it hard to trust 

I’m empty now 

I’m empty now 

Not enough love to forgive the pain 


You’ll find me roaming 

Sitting and napping on different couches 

I have no community 

To call my own 


mathematically necessarily 

a flesh once, then multiplies instantly 

acknowledges the possession of marvels 

not known to males 

time heavy in a room 

humanity made in 


a secret only 

women know sweetly 

Hades’ Palace

will the steps, miles, 

intersections, of the journey

sparkle like all these

amazing gold realities?
while the beauty of the grave 

leaves your steps powerless against bodily moment?
wide regret sounds far, expected 

from the loved ones who followed light, leaving others in a dark home. 
while even one absence to the journey like faltering hikes up a mountain 

to beauty of the coffin, never one misstep. 
you’ll silent yourselves, 

to nature, peacefully. 

Against such 

detailed, unimagined fate adapt. 
given into explanations from  



oracles below the world 

from the steps, miles 

to the dark palace 

earth and jewels behest 

Hades’ palace 

Pandora’s Box 

sinister intellect 

will and humanity 

repertoire to darkness 

finally heaven sing its 

recited expression 

mental consciousness afloat in 


irritating black box

set deep with your name 

now left alone 

unconditional truth

hard to embrace 

dark as some things you left 

I tried analyzing 

several long days 

the things it holds 

through lonely illusions 

suddenly inconceivable thought 

hits me hard 

one cold phantom sits in my heart

further dark hypocrisy 

oversight on my part 

I certify it is 

altogether the feeling of bewitchment 

the signs exaggerate

you became repetition 

demonstrate people just evil 

everything is almost sad 

I open Pandora’s box 


the blackest blows 

took in vain 

all that compliance 

never spoken

noise a preparation of reconciliation 

true value certainly lost 

distancing perhaps a opportunity

dance into obscene manners

cynicism arrived 

a bleak misunderstanding 

no space for escaping 

Emotional abuse 


silk blue impenetrable light 

the sky is never ending 

the sun shines on my face 

I’m alive today 

I’m happy 

just for a moment 

life’s fleeting 

Heartbreak Chore

precautions taken abuse 

woman say taken 

gave mouth to unexpected feelings 

hesitation hidden in intention pushed

politeness right out the door

jerks be our faith 

leaving us lonely

boards of embarrassing problems

woods of creation from our flesh 

sinking to the depths of instability 

your always useful charm 

makes for illusions most pretty 

monstrous emotion was created

the impression remained 

in the crevice of my chest 

devious device of the heart 

heartbreak is 

a chore 

Grave digging 

obscure night 

tireless memory

beautiful exception 

convenient obituary 

labor of love

I bequeath you 

whose scent impossible to forget

impressions of forever 

stared out of such unexpected dust 

all humans should fall

explain to me 

the feelings tinted in moonlight 

should today just disappear

in silence

in tears

for you are gone 

explain to me 

explain to me 

why you continue to haunt me

mocking your rejected hour 

loneliness of the night 

unexpectedly today 

I dig your grave


I’ll never lose you now 

I’ll always be holding you close 

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

I’ll never set you free

I’ll always be watching 

You’ll be mine 

You’ll be mine

I’ll show you the broken path filled with my shattered glass 

I’ll let you walk freely 

You’ll be mine 

You’ll be mine 

I’ll always have you in my mind 

Wishing you were never far 

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

I’ll hope you don’t worry too much 

This is just a poem you know

You’ll be mine 

You’ll be mine 

I’ll be too serious when we meet 

I’ll not even kiss at your feet

You’re not mine 

You’re not mine

I’ll let you go and walk away 

To kiss someone else today

You’re not mine 

You’re not mine 

I’ll let you go and free

For a caged bird never sings Happy songs

You’re not mine 

You’re not mine 

I’ll be happy too you see 

I’ll be working on me

I’ll be ok 

I’ll be free as you 

You see 

We’re both 

Gonna be better off

Not being possessive 

Nor obsessive 

We’re our own 

We’re our own