After a while of being on Snapchat I noticed how toxic it was getting for me personally. Small things people would say or do hurt me unintentionally. Leaving it was the best plan for my personal mental health and so my insecurities didn’t get fed. At first I felt like a junkie off their high and my mind kept going back to wanting to use it but with time I realized it wasn’t a necessary fixture in my life. It’s mind boggling because I didn’t even use Snapchat that much. It’s surprising how addicting social media can be even after such a short while. 
Currently after some problems in my life I decided to do a Facebook break, the same symptoms are happening. I still feel the need to look at others pages and still feel the need to check it. But as of right now I feel that I control it better by having deleted my FB from my phone and other readily available technology. Sometimes I feel lonely without it but then I remind myself that in order to be compassionate to myself I have to respect my own privacy and respect the hard stuff I’ve been through by not making myself feel worse and not feeding into the doubts and insecurities my mind already creates. I feel more content being still so to speak because it’s an opportunity to love myself more. 
However I believe that if you want to branch out and move forward with your blog you should ask yourself if it’s to get you attention or to just spread the joy in what you do. Also, do you believe that your blog is timely and insightful, in other words, will it impact people in positive and meaningful ways? Will it make change? If the answers are yes and even if the answer is maybe I believe that you should use YOUR voice to inspire others just as you are now by sharing who you REALLY are. 
But again, if being around social media sucks in general, find ways to link your blog so that it doesn’t impact your personal life.
You have been blessed with a Voice and Perspective that can impact others! Do not be afraid to use it, it’s a privilege!