• I hate sitting in class because I don’t feel like I’m actively learning anything 
  • I hate Valentine’s Day because it makes my self esteem lower and makes me doubt my beauty and self worth
  • I hate feeling lost in my life because I want to be successful and have a bright future
  • I hate feeling unsuccessful because of my hexes because they don’t define how hard I’ve worked 
  • I hate feeling trapped because of the numbers because when I put my mind to it I could create a beautiful future
  • I hate the feeling of loneliness and lack of understanding by my peers
  • Often times I think being beautiful or more attractive or more funny or more cordial could get me more friends 
  • I hate my ability to make myself feel weird 
  • I hate my ability to undermine myself
  • I hate that I want to look pretty and look attractive and have to be reminded to work out so I can become so 
  • I hate others telling me what to do with my body so that I can become more attractive. I hate that they have to tell me these things 
  • I hate feeling low because of insecurities I shouldn’t even bother to worry about or think about 
  • I hate that my future is dependent on the fact that I should have to marry a man, have children, and still have a stable job 
  • I hate the fact that often times I love my religion but hate it’s tenets 
  • I hate the word hate because just as I describe all these things, I realize I just dislike them all.

And no words can describe the way that true hatred works.
Except images of 
Black and brown bodies lying on the floor
Cops beating innocent colored men and women 
Fear of expressing your sexuality and loving another 
Immigrants working hard just to have fingers pointed at them like the barrel of a gun, ready.
An Asian works to the bone and yet people don’t believe they have depression because you can’t see it 
A disabled individual falls and people walk over their body
Gas is thrown at Native American protestors of a sacred land 


Oppression Olympics: Pitting minorities against each other to state one has worse conditions of oppression over another.

We cannot victimize Black individuals over all minorities.

We cannot say that Asians or Latinos or Native Americans or LGBTQ have it BETTER than Blacks.

Because minorities are all oppressed in DIFFERENT ways.

A cop killing a black man is ONE type of oppression.

A Muslim being called a terrorist is ONE type of oppression

A Trans individual attacked in a bathroom is ONE type of oppression

A Latino individual facing deportation is ONE type of oppression.

If we compare all minorities to each other we SILENCE the numerous injustices happening to HUMANS all around the world.


What is Resilience?

Often times we see the result of others’ actions as a short term reprieve to pain, or an escape from a situation.

How come we cannot move past the daily shallowness of our observations?

When individuals hurt, they can feel pain years afterwards…

Sometimes seeking answers to the hurt that has been caused upon you will prevent you from causing the same hurt upon others.

Is that then, shallow? Simply selfish?

What about years from now, when the pain has dulled, and the person understands the consequences of their actions or inaction?

There may be regret if they left something near and dear but be better off mentally.

There may be bitterness if they are left in a situation beyond their control, emotions festering and bubbling out of control.

There is so much more than what meets the eye, for all HUMANS.

Yet, we seek the fastest most easy accessible versions of understanding.

And then, we complain that we have misunderstood.

Isn’t resilience applicable in different forms?

It’s not just simply a choice between resistance or acceptance.

Its a mixture of greys when the world thinks that the difference is just choosing white or black.