I know I’m just starting out Just another 

common place writer

Trying to let their inner musings 

And ramblings out 

So don’t excuse me

Just let me stumble by 

I might let you learn a thing or two

If you stick around and say hi 

I try my best

My poetry doesn’t come at whim 

I must let it flow

As easily as water

And remain untamed as fire 

For I am just a desi girl 

Living in this lonely technology driven world 

And I hope that my poetry brings 

Some clarity to you

and gives representation 

To voices that are silenced too 

Yeah I know I have privilege 

A lot of us do 

But it’s no trick of the light 

Not some superficial view 

the meaning of my work

Is to help others understand too 

I might not always accomplish this goal 

And don’t excuse me 

I shall do as I please 

And hope it comforts me 

Because my head’s always in the clouds yet 

My identity is always close to me 

And sometimes that’s the heaviest burden 

to bear of them all