I am a Muslim American 

I stand in solidarity with you 

The lives that were lost  

I’ve prayed for them 

I am a human 

Admits your tears 

I am compassion 

Amidst your fears 

I am understanding 

Amidst your pain 

I see you 

I hear you 

“Many desi Americans and Muslim Americans can be apathetic towards concerns of racism and the white nationalism that is present in our world. 

This is wrong. We too have a rich history in fighting to be heard, to be understood, to be embraced as equals. We cannot ignore the fight that our sisters and brothers of black and brown skin endure! We have faced and still face xenophobia and discrimination, we must stand and protect each other! We must realize that the struggles we face are similar, we are similarly oppressed, we similarly grieve our losses. 

Charlottesville is a moment for all non-white nationalists to remember. The hatred and violence can occur in anyone’s state, anyone’s university, and in anyone’s life. 
I am desi Muslim American. I must also care about what others face in the world. For it’s not just me living in the universe, it’s not just my struggles, it’s not just my community struggles. I am more than myself in choosing to recognize and choosing to voice my thoughts. I contribute. I stand. I hope you do too. 


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