“What are you looking for?

You have a roof over your head 

Food and water 

People who care for you 

Things to do 

You can go anywhere”

So why do you try to fill 

The empty spaces 

Next to your body 

With someone who doesn’t see you 


Someone who doesn’t value 

The life you’ve got 

Why must you imagine

You are chasing your dreams 

When in reality 

You’re chasing someone 

To make the lonely days easier 

“I’m not saying that’s bad,

But look around you, 

Take In the scenery 

Take in the view.

You are more than enough 

These moments are enough 

Don’t chase an imaginary tail 

Stay comfortable where you are 

I’m not saying you have to be lonely forever 

But I just want you to be 

Grateful for who you are 

In the company of yourself”


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