How funny it is 

To call something mine

I never knew it was important 

To call a person mine

My mother always told me

To share with others

I suppose now is a good a time 

As any 

For who do I belong to?

No one I would think.

I couldn’t suppose

You would like to be called 


For then 

Who could you be 

Without me, myself, and I?

I’m sorry but 

I’ll set you free.

You have agency!

You are not 


If you don’t want to be…

I’ve got too many troubles you see,

And battling your battles

By keeping you close 

Doesn’t strike me fancy.

Erasing your demons,

By chasing them away 

Yet forgetting mine 

Are only a hairs breath away 

Doesn’t strike me fancy.

So please let’s not

Call each other frivolously!

I’ll let you be.

And I’ll let myself be.

And we will 

Exist peacefully. 


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