At First light 

I will forsake the 

Dawn that do make its way 

With its gleaming hues 

At first light 

I will mount my steed

And blow dust as I canter away 

At first light 

I shall bid you adieu 

As I search for the truth 

At first light 

You shall find my kerchief 

And reminisce not on me 

At first light

As the embrace of the night past

Grows old and weary

I shall gather my skirts 

Gather my wits 

I will stray away from the warm 

Humble abode that we created together 

At first light

I shall leave not a faint kiss

Upon your wretched lips

Yes, at first light 

The hearth will be dim 

The cold will make its way 

Into your empty bed 

Yes, at first light 

You shall awake 

And find me gone 

You shall lament and woe

At first light 

I shall be far

I will not heed anything 

But the trail at my feet 

The reins on my steed

Yes, at first light 

I’ll set myself free 


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