Heartbreak Chore

precautions taken abuse 

woman say taken 

gave mouth to unexpected feelings 

hesitation hidden in intention pushed

politeness right out the door

jerks be our faith 

leaving us lonely

boards of embarrassing problems

woods of creation from our flesh 

sinking to the depths of instability 

your always useful charm 

makes for illusions most pretty 

monstrous emotion was created

the impression remained 

in the crevice of my chest 

devious device of the heart 

heartbreak is 

a chore 


Grave digging 

obscure night 

tireless memory

beautiful exception 

convenient obituary 

labor of love

I bequeath you 

whose scent impossible to forget

impressions of forever 

stared out of such unexpected dust 

all humans should fall

explain to me 

the feelings tinted in moonlight 

should today just disappear

in silence

in tears

for you are gone 

explain to me 

explain to me 

why you continue to haunt me

mocking your rejected hour 

loneliness of the night 

unexpectedly today 

I dig your grave


I’ll never lose you now

I’ll always be holding you close

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

I’ll never set you free

I’ll always be watching

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

I’ll show you the broken path filled with my shattered glass

I’ll let you walk freely

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

I’ll always have you in my mind

Wishing you were never far

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

I’ll hope you don’t worry too much

This is just a poem you know

You’ll be mine

You’ll be mine

I’ll be too serious when we meet

I’ll not even kiss at your feet

You’re not mine

You’re not mine

I’ll let you go and walk away

To kiss someone else today

You’re not mine

You’re not mine

I’ll let you go and free

For a caged bird never sings Happy songs

You’re not mine

You’re not mine

I’ll be happy too you see

I’ll be working on me

I’ll be ok

I’ll be free as you

You see

We’re both

Gonna be better off

Not being possessive

Nor obsessive

We’re our own

We’re our own


How funny it is 

To call something mine

I never knew it was important 

To call a person mine

My mother always told me

To share with others

I suppose now is a good a time 

As any 

For who do I belong to?

No one I would think.

I couldn’t suppose

You would like to be called 


For then 

Who could you be 

Without me, myself, and I?

I’m sorry but 

I’ll set you free.

You have agency!

You are not 


If you don’t want to be…

I’ve got too many troubles you see,

And battling your battles

By keeping you close 

Doesn’t strike me fancy.

Erasing your demons,

By chasing them away 

Yet forgetting mine 

Are only a hairs breath away 

Doesn’t strike me fancy.

So please let’s not

Call each other frivolously!

I’ll let you be.

And I’ll let myself be.

And we will 

Exist peacefully. 


I’m just trying to 

Shatter all the illusions 

You have of me 

Because they are all that you see

And it’s all been created by your mind 

Which doesn’t know

Any of the things on mine 


Peaceful nights are 
Awaiting ahead
My momma tells Me 
the whistle man
Is nowhere close by
To take my slumber 
I fall asleep to humid fans
The smell of dust 
And of clothing coming out 
Of suitcases after long days
Not sure when
Wretched heat will take over
I sleep close to a withering body
And a youngster 
Trying to find that thread 
Between reality and peace 
Slowly sinking 
The smell of cooked Bryani 
Hovering over my brown skin 
My belly full
Humid air circulating 
Across the wide bed 
With Limbs splayed 
Here is the hearth 
Where I was born 
Here is the language of 
My ancestors 
Here is the land 
We have drawn blood and arms for
To cleave ourselves from 
The motherland 
To claim a home 
For the downtrodden 
A crescent moon shines in the sky 
The stars hidden still 
By smog and pollution
I know they shine upon 
This green land 
This prideful country 
Still I stay 
In the midst of sleep and wake 
It’s a land far from imagination 
If I just open an old suitcase
I’m once again 
In the place I could’ve been 
Yet I’m farther away now 
Than I’ve ever been 
A blessing 
And a lesson 

This is how I understand 

I was walking down the street 

Minding my own business

When I noticed the car

Passing by was moving 

Way too slowly

Men in the front seat

Ogled my body 

Honking their horn

And making me wonder


I was wearing jeans 

And a t shirt

I wasn’t even showing off anything 

This is how I 

Start shaming myself

For no good reason 

This is how I

Become more wary 

Towards the intentions of men 

This is how I 

Realize the world 

Is very broken 


Sooner or later

I’ll sing a haunting melody 

Of the pasts I’ve seen

Soon I shall 

Write upon the tomb 

Here I shall lay 

In decay 

Withering away

After such fruitless endeavors 

I have only 

Metal objects and paper 

To keep me company 

In my cold and shallow home 

In the dark damp soil 

Soon I shall return 

Where I have come from 

I will bury myself in dirt

While others mourn and pity 

My life form 

Hidden beneath the stale Earth

They trample upon 

My resting grave 

And my soul is torn asunder 

I shall look upon them 

From the 7 layers of the Universe 

And pity their mindless slumber

For I did not awaken 

Until I was placed 

Where they thought it was broken 

Where they thought it was dirty

Not knowing all along 

The place they walked and breathed 

Was the purgatory 

Soon I shall watch 

With quiet contemplation 

The folly of mankind 

As we tear each other 


Only to return 

To our eternal bed 

Deep in the earth 

Reprieve from our 

Illogical Ways 

Naked Yet Clothed

And while my adorned shalwar kameez 

Drapes around my body 

It’s not an invitation to admire me 

While my long Niqab  

Covers me completely 

It’s not an invitation to judge me 

While my hijab covers my hair 

From plain sight 

It’s not an invitation to assume about me 

While I wear shirts and jeans 

It’s not an invitation to catcall me 

While I wear dresses and heels

It’s not an invitation to grope me 

While I wear a saree

It’s not an invitation to ogle me

My body is not: 

A viewing pleasure

A touching pleasure

Your pleasure

An object 

Mentally Checked Out

I am neither here nor there 

No baggage left on the claim area 

I blink unseeing 

Nor thinking 

I am an empty vessel 

Occupying a region of space 

I am not human in this moment 

I can only think 

Of my basic function:


In. Out. In. Out.