And I wish often 

That I could pull my own hair out 

By the frustration that is inside me 

You talk small, frivolous thoughts 

And you sit mindlessly side by side 

There is comfort, yes, 

In knowing you will have the same routine 

It’s driving me crazy 

Your love 

Makes me want to push you away 

Because you don’t see the pain 

I bring inside me everyday 

And you have such high regard for me 

Yet I believe you secretly wish 

I hadn’t made so many mistakes 

You wish me to be perfect 

You wish for me to have no flaws 

I see your desire 

Hidden inside your smiles 

And you wish me well 

And you worry a lot 

You say you’ll pray for me 

As if that will fix 

All the problems I’ve got 

And I have this 

Bittersweet pain

Inside my chest 

For I wish to revel you 

With the blackness inside my heart 


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