This is my moment 

To shine 

To use my voice as a message 

To empower those who need it 

To embrace the future 

Even if I can’t see it 

So stop.

Don’t come a step closer 

Don’t step in my space 

Don’t take my limelight 

I did the work 

I experienced the pain 

Of hours and days 

Wasting away 

Hoping for better ways 

To live 

So stop. 

Don’t brush past me 

Dont excuse me

Look me in the eyes.

Tell me that I’m worth it 

Tell me you’re proud 

Don’t brush past 

The accomplishments I’ve gotten 

Don’t keep your head down 

So stop.

Sit down and listen 

With your mouth closed 

And ears open 

Let my voice carry you 

Through my experience 

So stop.

Don’t interrupt or argue

Don’t assume you know me

Because you haven’t even 

Heard all of my story 

So stop.

Take a step back 

This is not your moment to infringe 

This is not your moment to take 

So stop. 

Be still.

Let me live 

Let me learn 

Let me grow on my own 

I promise 

I will return in your arms 

Stronger than ever before 

So stop.

Let go of the noose

Around my neck 

Let go of your concerns 

I’m not frail 

Nor am I fragile 

So stop.

Let me Live.


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