And you twisted my good nature 

Into the means you needed

You created sympathy upon others

But lacked any emotional understanding 

You failed to realize that 

For all of us we have different priorities 

You used the power you had 

With the education you gained 

And stealthily crept 

Into the recesses of our lives 

You say you hate being called a ninja 

But your actions always spoke the truth 

While your words were all lies 

And you let us all compromise our identities 

While preached about being not accommodating 

The space was more lively

And bustling while you were around 

But your snake charmer ways 

We’re so hidden until you brought it all down 

And I cried so much these past few months 

For a community that I had wanted so much 

I cried for the self respect I had lost 

I cried for the gaslighting I had undergone 

I had never been so thoroughly 

Turned inside out 

Then I was humiliated with 

recriminations others brought to light 

Because hadn’t I allowed all that 

with my free will? 

I was struck dumb 

Until I realized they were right 

And I cried some more 

Because my mind wouldn’t stop 

Bullying me into submission 

For all of my faults 

Congratulations you were the reason why 

Everything went wrong 

And now I’m left standing 

All alone 


What do I do now?


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