Wasting time faster than wasting money 

We strive to look into others lives

Hoping by some miracle that we could 

Find what we’re looking for 

And our phones are glued to our hands 

And we spend too much time worrying about our instagram 

We see the world through others eyes 

And hope to god that we can still get by

Just waiting for the newest iPhone

And who cares how we spend our money

We could get drunk and smoke till we’re thirty and someone will just write us a nice 

Small eulogy. 

Who cares that we’re gone someone will just 

Pick up where we left our ashes off

And who cares what we waste our time on 

Someone will still post on our Facebook page “oh how I miss those days”

And only the number of likes 

Could ever represent the people that still 

Stuck around looking at your empty page 


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