Fight oppression with 

Both sides of the story 

Remove miscommunications 

There is no emotional manipulation

Just nasty actions 

There is vulnerability 

There is going with the group

There is just sheep

With the wool covered moving blindly

Those who say they are fighting hard But not actually revealing

Those who want to fight the hard fight and are true to their beliefs 

Those who wish to fight but have no resources

Those who are fighting but actually just sitting 

Those who are fighting but only actually following 

There are problems 


forgetting your own voice

There is standing up for yourself But standing isolated from the crowd 

There is belonging 

There is separation 

There is doubt and mistrust 

And much blame 

There is emotions projected onto others

And there is maturity Which must be gained 

There is value 

In yourself

Ascribed value for yourself

Not letting yourself accommodate to any image

Silencing others when they seek to interrupt

Asking others about intentions 

Asking others their real thoughts their real emotions

There is a collective

But to work

You must realize that there are separate thoughts and actions and feelings 

There is draining 

There is tiredness 

There is the belief that you are all alone in this madness

There is only yourself

And the meaning you give 

To your actions, thoughts and words

You are not less

You are what you’ve already said and done 

You own up to those mistakes

The pain you inadvertently caused 

And realize you still have to grow 

Despite all this 



Self care 

Trust in the right people

Forgive as necessary

Stand above the water

Remain neutral as needed

Fighting is nonviolence 

Fighting is standing up for yourself 


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