Our challenge

is to remember

that we were all crafted from the same clay

placed upon the earth

with love and affection

angels sent to guide our thoughts

and messengers sent with the

scripture that guided our belief

scientific revolution

changed the perceptions

humans become the center of the universe

yet we still see

magnificent hills and valleys

sun and moon rise and falll

a divine creation

for all of mankind

wars happen and people are ravaged

fear becomes instilled in the hearts and minds of plenty

yet it is directed to our brothers and sisters

who have the same existence and lifespan

and are made of the same materials

a masterpiece of nature and nurture

and yet

when the horn bows and

the hills will roll

and the tempest reigns

when the last day arrives

and a messiah that we paitently await

From an ancestry of twelve

Will sound the call to prayer

and all others will pray behind this person

humans will face the final test

either flying towards the sky

towards the seven layers of heaven

or facing hellfire

being created and burned

this is our challenge

how to create love

in a world we have ruined with hate

when we divide our people

and incite fear in one another

aren’t we all Human?


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