What is Resilience?

Often times we see the result of others’ actions as a short term reprieve to pain, or an escape from a situation.

How come we cannot move past the daily shallowness of our observations?

When individuals hurt, they can feel pain years afterwards…

Sometimes seeking answers to the hurt that has been caused upon you will prevent you from causing the same hurt upon others.

Is that then, shallow? Simply selfish?

What about years from now, when the pain has dulled, and the person understands the consequences of their actions or inaction?

There may be regret if they left something near and dear but be better off mentally.

There may be bitterness if they are left in a situation beyond their control, emotions festering and bubbling out of control.

There is so much more than what meets the eye, for all HUMANS.

Yet, we seek the fastest most easy accessible versions of understanding.

And then, we complain that we have misunderstood.

Isn’t resilience applicable in different forms?

It’s not just simply a choice between resistance or acceptance.

Its a mixture of greys when the world thinks that the difference is just choosing white or black.



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