Where do I Belong?

The feeling of fear

even in supposedly safe spaces


Will I ever be authentic anywhere?

Feeling like a Fake

Forcing my politeness

Just surviving on a whim

Where do I Belong?

My gut clenches with anxiety

like a Vice

seeking to destroy comfort

panic blooms in my chest

unease comes over like a tidal wave

Can I ever escape this fright?

Where do I Belong?

What is my true identity?

Where is my home?

When spaces are ravaged

By oppression and injustice

friends become self-serving and ego driven

How can I fit in?

Do I have to craft a mold to survive?

When will I stop being the outsider?

When will I stop seeking for my home?

I feel awkward and unsure

In my own Body

the rights and justices of others

are forgotten temporarily

let me seek my relief

let me escape and find

freedom in my own island

loneliness as a balm

to soothe the ache

left by jagged corners

in ill-fitting spaces


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